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A Member’s Guide to HBA Committees

The Home Builders Association of Bucks and Montgomery County (HBA) is the premier trade association for residential construction professionals in the Delaware Valley. Its robust membership and diverse range of benefits are supported by several member-led committees focusing on specific aspects of the industry or interests that are important to members.

Knowing which committees exist to represent your interests can help you get the most out of your membership, and may even inspire you to serve on a committee yourself. The HBA’s committees currently include:


The Political Action Committee
The Political Action Committee (PAC) is non-partisan, and instead of seeking to buy votes or support one particular party, focuses instead on supporting candidates who are aligned with the interests of the membership.  The PAC also seeks to help members become more educated on the political and legislative issues that affect the industry, and more involved in the political process to better influence these issues for optimal outcomes.


Associates Council
The Associates Council focuses on highlighting the skills and services of Associate Members and strengthening the relationship between Associate Members and Builders. Associate Members include professionals from trades and industries complementary to the building trade, like subcontractors, building materials suppliers, realtors, etc.


Professional Women in Building Council
The Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) is a diverse group dedicated to supporting professionalism and professional development within the industry for women and men. Through initiatives like networking events, educational opportunities, and outreach, the PWB seeks to foster political awareness, professional growth, and strengthened ties with the community.


Charitable Foundation
The HBA of Bucks and Montgomery Counties Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to planning and carrying out fundraising events to raise money and awareness for charitable endeavors. They support causes chosen by the HBA that are centered in Bucks and Montgomery Counties and are usually related to housing and shelter.


Sales and Marketing Council
The Sales and Marketing Council (SMC) focuses on skills and professional development for members who specialize in sales and marketing within the residential construction industry. One of their yearly endeavors is planning the Synergy Awards, which highlights the outstanding achievements of HBA members in building, selling, and advertising. When you join the local SMC, you also gain membership in the National SMC.


Industry Action Committee
The Industry Action Committee is the voice of HBA members when it comes to local regulatory affairs and legislative issues. In addition to representing the interests of members, the Industry Action Committee also works to keep members informed with current information about legal and regulatory issues that affect the industry, as well as ways members can get involved.


Membership Committee
The Membership Committee focuses on building the HBA by attracting prospective members, welcoming new members, and supporting current members. The Committee also seeks to foster member involvement, secure Annual Sponsors, and expand the HBA’s affiliate membership base.


Workforce Development Committee
The Workforce Development Committee supports collaboration between members, educators, and various organizations at the local and state level to work towards the common goal of developing a more skilled workforce for the industry.


The various committees and councils of the HBA make it an organization capable of providing its members with tremendous benefits and opportunities. Call the HBA to get involved today!