Sales and Marketing Council

The Sales and Marketing Council (SMC) develops and implements programs to increase the skills and professionalism of members involved in sales & marketing within the residential home building industry. The SMC is also responsible for planning the annual Pinnacle Awards, where HBA members are honored for their excellence in home building, selling and advertising. The Sales and Marketing Council meets the third Tuesday of each month at 9:45am.

Local Membership in the SMC includes benefits like, discounts on SMC sponsored events, eligibility for local awards programs, and networking opportunities with other sales & marketing professionals.

Membership in our local SMC chapter also entitles you to membership in the National Sales and Marketing Council, which was founded in 1962 to help builders sell homes more effectively. The National SMC offers numerous benefits including:

  • Educational opportunities
  • National awards and recognition programs
  • Online access to the latest research and sale & marketing tools
  • Bi-monthly subscription to Sales & Marketing Ideas magazine
  • Designation Programs through the Institute of Residential Marketing (IRM)
  • Learn More about the National SMC Here


Join the Sales and Marketing Council - Download Application here:site/publisher/files/HBASMCapplication2.pdf

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