Committees & Councils

The HBA Bucks/Montgomery has a variety of committees that members are welcome to participate in.  HBA committees address needs specific to the associations programs and activities, as well as issues affecting members’ businesses. to sign up for a committee or to receive more information.


Associates Council
2nd Tuesday of the month @ 4:00

Develop and implement programs to provide networking opportunities among builders and associates; actively work to retain and recruit members; contribute educational programming and oversee the public relations of the association.

Membership Committee
1st Thur. at 9:00 am

Develop programs to recruit and retain members.

Charitable Foundation

1st Tuesday @ 8:30 am

Raise funds for the foundation and conduct charitable works.

Industry Action
2nd Tuesday at 8:00 am 

Monitors public policy issues critical to our members’ livelihood, such as zoning, land development, DEP & DOT regulations, building code interpretations, and defends a pro growth agenda.

Political Action
1st Thurs. at 8:00 am

Maintain a state registered Political Action Committee and support candidates who support  housing.

Sales & Marketing
3rd Tues. at 9:00 am

The council develops and implements programs to increase the skills and professionalism of members involved in sales & marketing within the residential home building industry, and to recognize their excellence.

Professional Women in Building

2nd Wednesday at 8:45 am

Raise awareness and facilitate practical approaches to green construction.

 Education and Outreach

1st Wednesday at 8:30 am

Develop and implement programs to promote and foster closer ties with the local Technical Education Schools.



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